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My Experience: 

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I Get A Lot of Questions About Prices,  Hopefully This Helps:

Small sessions for couples, families, and travel blogs priced at 1200dkk (They take about an hour)

This package includes:

-All your digital images edited to perfection

-An online album for downloading, printing and sharing your photos. See my other client's albums here!

-Me, in all my fun and awesome glory! Let's have a great time together!

For Weddings:

All weddings are different and require different amounts of hours, for this reason I offer the following package prices:

-Something simple: Up to 3 hours on the day of your wedding for 1500dkk per hour. This is a single shooter package with the option to tailor to your needs:

                                                   -Add a 4th hour for 1800dkk (per photographer)

-A little more: 5 hours on the day of your wedding for 8500dkk. This is a single shooter package with the option to tailor to your needs:

                                                   -Add a second shooter for an additional 3000dkk

                                                   -Add a 6th hour for 1800dkk (per photographer)

-A full day: 7-8 hours on the day of your wedding for 15000dkk: This is a full, two photographer package that comes with a FREE 1hr engagement session.

All our packages come with the following: 

                                                  -Full service and planning for the day of your event including                                                  preliminary meetings, timeline assistance and online planning help. 

                                                  -A full-service online gallery provided by To                                             see samples of those galleries please visit our gallery homepage here

                                                 -All of your edited images, watermark free. There is no set                                                            amount of images, you get them all. We edit our images to tell                                                      the entire story of your day. 

                                                -A hard copy on USB key of your wedding day once final editing                                                   is complete.

Product and Content:

Why yes, I love to photograph product and provide content (both written and photographic, I can even one-way translate from French, Spanish, German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish into beautifully written English for you):

For Photographic Content or Product Images: 900dkk per hour. Licensing, editing and all your images are included. 

For Written Content or Website Translation: 300dkk per hour. Text is available within a week of hire. 

For Photoshop and Image Editing Requests: 500dkk per hour. Licensing is included. 

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